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Environmental Sustainability

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Environmental Safety and Health Policy

Comply with Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering Law & Regulations
Comply with Safety, Health and Environmental laws and other requirements.

Accomplish Industrial Waste Management
Through pollution prevention, save energy, resources recycling and waste reduction to promote the continuous improvement of industrial environmental performance

Promote safety and health
Prevent disease and reduce staff from suffering any injuries during the implementation of operations in the workplace; to implement the management of continuous improvement of safety and health.

Integrate Environmental and Safety Activities
Establish good channels of communication to employees,companies, neighbors and related groups, to pass our ESH Policy, enable to establish a good image.

Promote Environmental Protection and Safety Concept
Put environmental protection, safety and health concepts into staff's training, promoting different safety and health activities, and implement in their daily operations.


We are compliant ISO 14001 ,OHSAS 18001 and CNS 15506.

QILSTE, 2021 Greenhouse Gas Inventory: Category 1 direct greenhouse gas emissions are 6,079.46 (metric tons CO2e), category 2 energy indirect emissions are 34,902.18 (metric tons CO2e), equivalent to the total emissions in 2020, a slight increase of 0.88%. The results of the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions over the years are shown in the table below: