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Competitive Advantages

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  • QILSTE's products have reached world-class standards and have completed various certifications, such as ISO9001 for quality, TS16949 for automobiles, ISO14001 for environment, UL for testing product safety, VDE0884 for German electronic appliances, and RoHS for pollution of electronic information products in China. Control of voluntary product certification.
  • In comparison with majority of other competitors, QILSTE LED adopts the most advanced 6” wafer and 0.25µm MP process while others are still using 4” wafer and 0.5/1.0µm process. Thus gives us an advantage on cost control.
  • Adopts the most simplified process with product yielding rate guaranteed at >99.9%.
  • Customized products, QILSTE can develop products with better performance according to the electrical requirements of customer layout design
  • Developed the MSD patent, and integrate LED, LED driver, Filter capacitor all together. Hence not only our technology is more advance, but we can meet customer’s application requirement
  • Has complete planned out 0.18µm process for product lines
  • Self-design process with the adoption of VIS’s 0.5/0.25/0.18 µm process,Covering low/medium/high prices to meet various customer cost requirements
  • QILSTE has applied for 76 patents in the United States, Hong Kong and China. Has successfully obtained 3 US patents, plus 112 patents owned by our CEO (Mr. Tong).
  • QILSTE wafers focus on independent design, exclusive technology, and transfer the design to our cooperative fabs for production. Our chief engineer is a professional expert in this field, supervising and modifying the process, we have full control to improve product yield and shorten production cycle. Most of our competitors, because they buy wafers from other places, have difficulties in production quality and cycle time
  • QILSTE has strong production capacity, the company has 3 huge production plants, and we have a leading design and process integration team. If market trends change, we can react and support immediately