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Company Culture

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 QILSTE has excellent cadres with high quality (27% with master’s and doctoral degrees) and stable (93% with more than 5 years of experience).

After 40 years of ups and downs, we have a deep understanding: R&D-production-quality, is the basis for the sustainable operation of a production enterprise

1. Strong R&D is the firm support for our continuous expansion. QILSTE has industry-leading design capabilities (112 core patents), and we have established an in-depth cooperative relationship with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), maintaining regular exchanges with 60 universities in Hong Kong every year. QILSTE wafers focus on independent design, exclusive technology, and transfer the design to our cooperative fabs for production.

2. Powerful production is the basis for our continuously skyrocketing revenue. QILSTE has the industry's most advanced 6-inch wafer and 0.25µm MP process, which gives us an advantage in cost control. We have three powerful factories around the world (Vietnam, China, Mexico) to ensure our fast global supply.

3. High standard quality is the essence of our sustainable operation. QILSTE adopts fully automated machines, from production to delivery, the whole process is automatically monitored to improve production efficiency and quality stability. QILSTE's self-developed barcode management system enables the material flow of the production line to be fully automated, and allows us to complete various certifications, such as ISO9001 for quality, TS16949 for automobiles, ISO14001 for environment, UL for testing product safety, German Electronics Electrical certification VDE0884.