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Company Introduction

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QILSTE(HongKong)Technology Co., Ltd

HongKong -LED and Leading supplier of optoelectronic devices


With a top-level technical team with strong R&D experience, we are pleased to announce that

we received a grant award fromHong Kong Organization (HKPC) in 2010.

Today's QILSTE has leading designs and high-quality products in Hong Kongand China inoptoelectronic devices.

The factory has completed various certifications with high-standardquality policies.

There are ISO9001 for quality, TS16949 for automobiles, ISO14001 forenvironment,

UL for testing product safety, and VDE0884 for German electrical and electronic certification.

In addition to design and manufacture, QILSTE also has a team responsible for helping customers apply for

FCC, CE and other products.

  • Company Name:QILSTE(HongKong)Technology Co., Ltd
  • Established:on 1 Sept 1983
  • Capital amount:4.69億(HKD)
  • Major Shareholders:红杉资本中国
  • 宜鼎投資股份有限公司
  • Board Members:5 Members (including Dover Chung, Dr. Fu-Iuan Hsieh etc.)
  • Core Business:LED,Photocouplers,Photointerrupter